Coming Together

World Record 1

It’s been a long few months.  I initially decided to go for the World Record back in December.  I put the application through, not sure if I would go ahead with it but as an idea.  Im not normally impulsive.

From there, the idea of trying to beat the record set in.  It was months of emailing tons of people and venues to see if they could accommodate a 24 hour event.  At one point, I was even in touch with the Milwaukee Parks dept and had one of their lodges on stand-by in case I couldn’t find anything at all.  I also had to find a way to organize a minimum of 14 people to be witnesses.  I have to have two people watching and recording at all times. Add to that the tech aspect.  I need to have a full recording of the event and Id like to stream it as well.

Fortunately, I was contacted by Cascio Interstate Music, and they were willing to give me one of their recital rooms for a weekend. I’ve never happier than when I got the first email/call from them with the offer.

Everything since has started to line up.  It’s been a bit stressful.  I have to have at least 4 hours music to play, I can’t repeat any songs within that 4 hours.  I’ve been practicing and learning music. I set up a Patreon just in case.  I need to get that built up a little. Right now, it’s just a page with my name on it.   I also have two big choral concerts coming up, one the last weekend of June and the other in July.  So, its been busy for me.  It will all come together in the end.  I have to keep hoping for that.

Here’s a fun infographic that Cascio put together for me.

Event Page–  please, go take a look.  RSVP maybe.   🙂

Word Record 2



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