Good Day!!!

Well, the first week has already passed. I learned quite a bit about the software Im using as well as the actual scope of what I am trying to do here. While ideally I would like to be able to come up with five songs a week, three seems Continue reading

Very First Song

Good Morning!

The very first one.  For this song, Im cheating just a little bit. It’s one that I put together about a year ago, but I do enjoy. Im still figuring everything out with my recording setup and I finally got my laptop up and running again, so it should be a piece of cake from now on. 🙂

This one was done in the middle of music theory class YEARS ago. I remember having a little voice recorder that I tried to use for my piano pieces but it sounded horrible. A few years ago, the music shop down the road from my place was having a huge thankgiving sale and I found the Tascam that I use now. It is a big improvement. Now it’s on harp.

Hopefully I can figure out if and how I can get Soundcloud to play directly on here instead of only posting link. Until then, CLICK THE WORD. Ha. Enjoy.

P.S. Having a hell of a time getting any sort of link to work

Day One

Well, this is the very first post. Part of me thought it would be a good idea to plan out what to say first then post it, but I tend to overthink things.

Mainly I’m starting this for myself, a little side project to keep me busy. I have a book of originally blank sheet music that I’ve filled over the years. I was digging through old boxes when Continue reading