Good Day!!!

Well, the first week has already passed. I learned quite a bit about the software Im using as well as the actual scope of what I am trying to do here. While ideally I would like to be able to come up with five songs a week, three seems a bit more manageable. So far, Ive posted the small tunes I’ve had sitting on my computer for the last few years.  The projects I have planned for the coming posts are a bit more involved. One of my obstacles is getting my keyboard to record properly. The other is recording a viola part when I don’t REALLY play it. This should be interesting.

On the upside, I recently acquired a new microphone! So far I had to make do with one. That requires recording the track twice, once for the lower notes, and a second time to make sure the upper  register on the harp is heard properly. My new mic is a P170 condenser microphone and I am insanely happy. Its made a difference.

Now, new song.  over a DECADE ago, I used to make little doodles on the cards I made for my sister for different occasions. They were cute, they amused me and one character (A Tiny Peach…or Happy Peach…whichever isn’t copyrighted yet. Either way, I’m calling dibs. MINE!)  ended up with an entire backstory. I have no talent for animation but I thought it would be funny to write an intro or theme song for him. This is it. If I ever get ahold of one of those old tiny xylophone toys for children, Im rerecording this.

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