Mahler’s 8th Symphony

fairy fountain

A small pond I found just off the train station in Highland Park

This last week was a crazy one, but fun. It was the end of an insanely rough summer for me. I was finally at a point where I could get through a performance without worrying about ten more things that needed doing for the next project or event. Continue reading


I am finally coming to the end of a VERY busy summer.  June started off with memorizing and practicing as many pieces as I could for my harp marathon. The week after that, I was in the choir for a performance of Carmina Burana. That was a full week of final rehearsal and two performances over the weekend.  Next, I work for a music festival two weeks every summer.  NOW, Ive just finished a week of rehearsals and a choral performance of Mahler’s 8th symphony in Chicago. (That’s coming in the next post.)

During all this insanity, Continue reading

Longest Harp Marathon


Here’s the event page: World Record Attempt

And here is my Facebook page:  The Tiny Harpist

I still need witnesses for the Harp Marathon.  Contact me!!   🙂


It’s been a very long time since I posted last. I am not great at keeping up with the website. 🙂 That will likely change though since I have a very big event coming up in June.

During the weekend of June 14th, I will be attempting to break the current record for the Longest Harp Marathon. I have to beat a record of 25 hours and 34 minutes that was initially set in 2010.
Because one of the first questions I always get is about breaks, here is a short summary of the guidelines I need to follow for the attempt. 🙂

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I’m sitting on my couch feeling crabby. As I get older, I notice that part of that is due to the huge cup of coffee I have in the morning.

Otherwise, Im mainly upset with my Tascam. I have an ancient Tascam US-122L that I’ve used for the last seven years. (I think it’s been about that long.) I understand that it’s old. I checked Continue reading