You’ve found the “about” button.

There’s not a lot to say about me and I haven’t mastered the art of a professional looking bio yet.

I started playing harp around the age of 7.  My parents enrolled me in a summer school where I learned to play harp, recorder and piano. I think they just wanted quiet time during the day because I also had art, and dance class. Five fine arts classes in one day for a child. It seemed to work.

The harp stuck.  I kept taking lessons for a few years from the woman who taught the summer class. My parents bought a folk harp a few years later.  It is the one that I still use now. Once I learned everything  I could from her, I was moved up to a new teacher who played with an orchestra.  I auditioned for and played with the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra for a year or two before high school. Then, for some reason (I blame youth), I gave up harp and joined choir in high school.  I took further piano lessons through both high school and college. I’ve sung for a few local choirs and for a few years, a church choir. I keep playing harp for anyone who needs one, weddings, funerals, etc.

I currently stream through YouTube and Twitch.  I don’t have a lot up yet. I also have a few songs that I released through Spotify.

I am currently a member of the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus.

Beyond that, I keep busy reading and working.


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