I’ve spent the last year generally ignoring this site. I’ve had so many ideas, both musically and career-wise that there just hasn’t been time.  Now it’s reached the point where I’m either going to actually do something with my music and the giant folder of ideas that i have, or I might a well stop. I already have a few pieces recorded that need editing, but I still have that giant pile of ideas.

I decided that what I really needed what some sort of organizational structure. I decided on….

Who doesn't love stickers?

stickers.  Really, who wouldn’t be motivated by these?

So now I’ve found myself in possession of a LOT of stickers. The plan is to fill out a chart with the numbers 1-100. As I write articles or finish and post a piece of music, I put a sticker on the chart. -I get to put one up now for this post 🙂 –

To help with the goal keeping, I put up a cork board with all my lists and charts and a little inspirational photo I made. That way I can cross tasks off as I go. It was pointed out that the whole thing feels a bit like the task board used in the show Silicon Valley. I’m amused.

This isn’t to fill a number, this will be more to motivate me. If it i daily visible, than it is more likely to get done.

Since I have a habit of planning things and conveniently putting them off, this should be a daily reminder of what I need. I need to do this every day. That’s the only to be successful.

I do have another music related site,  That will be more about the process of recording and production/mastering as I learn it.  The focus of this site will be more about the music itself.

Since I do a lot of reading in my free-time, (and already have a lot books in my collection), I thought a fun project would be writing a theme or two to go with what the message of the book is, or in some cases, a theme to match a specific musical moment mentioned in the novel.

I may have mention this already in a previous pot, but like I said, I feel like Im starting over from the beginning here. I started this around two years ago, and now it’s time to actually make something of it.

1 down, 99 to go!  🙂

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