Building a brand

I’ve spent a great deal of the last year trying to figure out how best to REALLY start working with my music.
I recorded stuff in both harp and piano.

I set up a youtube page

I set up Twitter and Instagram

Just today, I set up an account with Fiverr.

The conclusion that I’ve come to so far is that I need to start putting up more videos/music. Im getting frustrated with results based on a minimal amount of work. I think I only have about 7 videos up so far and one of those isn’t even available to the public because I haven’t quite figured out how I should be filming myself.

It feels like every year I have one of these posts where I realize that I haven’t written anything in a long time. At least this time I have most of my planning in place and there really is no excuse anymore to not go forward with plans.

I like the equipment I have. Since I rejoined a choir, I feel as if my feeling for music is coming back. Its not only a listening activity anymore, I’m getting my ear back. Its easier to hear how the music lines work together again.
The hard part is getting my hands back in shape. I’ve lost all my calluses on my fingers.

I need to get back in to a practice schedule. When I was younger, I had a scheduled 2 hours of practice a day. Now, as an adult, that is a little more difficult with longer work hours and having to be a responsible adult; feeding myself, cleaning the apt, paying bills, etc. So basically, this is the point where I have to decide exactly how much I want a career that involves music.  On the upside, I can genuinely say that Ive done something everyday this month to further that goal. Silver lining….

If anyone comes across this and has any interest, come take a look.

For extra fun, click on Deadpool to go to my Fiverr page. 🙂

I learned how to do that.

Image result for deadpool maximum effort

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