I’m sitting on my couch feeling crabby. As I get older, I notice that part of that is due to the huge cup of coffee I have in the morning.

Otherwise, Im mainly upset with my Tascam. I have an ancient Tascam US-122L that I’ve used for the last seven years. (I think it’s been about that long.) I understand that it’s old. I checked the website for updates, but there’s nothing that will allow it to work with Windows 10. I tried starting up Ableton, but when I plug the Tascam in, the whole thing crashes and the program closes. I’m annoyed. Just to make sure I wasn’t being an idiot, I tried it with a different program. I tried Audacity, the tascam doesn’t show up. I tried Studio One, the software recognizes it, but won’t allow it to record anything. So annoyed.

Now, my only option is awaiting a few weeks until, maybe, I can get another one. I don’t even need anything super fancy. I wouldn’t have even noticed, except that I’m in the middle of putting music samples together for a friend’s wedding. The Launchkey and Launchpad I have work great so far. But I can’t record any live audio with those.
Im recording with the microphone on my phone, but the fidelity on it is crap and the sound is horrible.

On the upside, I recently downloaded Mobius. I have a sustain pedal for my keyboard that I was hoping to use with it. The goal was to play around with looping. That will have to wait until later. I can still play around with keyboard and samples, but any work with my harp will have to wait until I can get my microphones to work.

Note:  I also found this angry conductor meme while trying to cheer myself up. It worked.

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