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Rain, Rain, Time to Play

While Im catching up on my writing and reading, Ive been planning out various projects in advance. It just feels more satisfying to cross tasks of a list instead of listing things as I’ve completed them.

I decided that the first book soundtrack project I would take on is the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey.  I already have one theme sketched out and Im looking through at two specific scenes that contain music themselves. So that would be three themes for the book which is a good place to start. The section that intrigued me most occurs in the land of Alba in the book and would primarily be vocal, though I might through a light instrumental in the background for effect, which leads me to my nex point.

I’ve been reading lately about aeolian windharps. They intrigue me.  The harp (or box with strings) is placed in a window or anywhere that will catch a gust of wind, and the strings resonate creating a unique sound. Ive been experimenting with a few of my instruments and this is definitely something I would like to try.

Here’s a video for an example.

Aeolian harp, windharp, same thing. This looks like fun and I want to try.

Yesterday we had a huge storm. There was rain and wind lasting most of the evening. What interested me more was the windiness before the rain came. It was strong enough, I thought to be able to play the strings on my harp.

Unfortunately, the rain came before I was able to finish setting everything up.  I have a covered porch, but that would not have been enough to protect everything, or prevent me from getting zapped by lightning.  There was barely a breeze where I placed my harp.  I’ll have to keep an eye on the weather and take all of my recording stuff to the nearby field next time. Im hoping that works out.

Instead, I was able to catch a moment or two of the rain falling with the birds in the background. The microphone I have really does pick up everything in the area.  Now that I know what kind of recording I can get, Id like to try having a longer recording of the rain. Maybe I’ll make up one of those meditation/soothing tracks that I hear everywhere on occasion.

What I would like to do when I get a chance, is see if it’s possible to write music to go with the aeolian recording once I get one. The music produced itself is random enough that it doesn’t really have a key, so I would like to play around with that as a track.

Unrelated news: I found a  small xylophone for children recently.

20160623_211634They call it a glockenspiel, but no..I refuse to call it that. Anyways, I wrote a tiny theme song a year or so ago called The Happy Peach (I still have dibs on that. Mine!)  and I wanted to find one of these to play the main melody. I have one, so it’s my new project to rerecord that track. I haven’t decided yet what Im going to do with it. It might work well for video intros if I branch out in that direction.


I’ve spent the last year generally ignoring this site. I’ve had so many ideas, both musically and career-wise that there just hasn’t been time.  Now it’s reached the point where I’m either going to actually do something with my music and the giant folder of ideas that i have, or I might a well stop. I already have a few pieces recorded that need editing, but I still have that giant pile of ideas.

I decided that what I really needed what some sort of organizational structure. I decided on….

Who doesn't love stickers?

stickers.  Really, who wouldn’t be motivated by these?

So now I’ve found myself in possession of a LOT of stickers. The plan is to fill out a chart with the numbers 1-100. As I write articles or finish and post a piece of music, I put a sticker on the chart. -I get to put one up now for this post 🙂 –

To help with the goal keeping, I put up a cork board with all my lists and charts and a little inspirational photo I made. That way I can cross tasks off as I go. It was pointed out that the whole thing feels a bit like the task board used in the show Silicon Valley. I’m amused.

This isn’t to fill a number, this will be more to motivate me. If it i daily visible, than it is more likely to get done.

Since I have a habit of planning things and conveniently putting them off, this should be a daily reminder of what I need. I need to do this every day. That’s the only to be successful.

I do have another music related site, Qualityhomerecording.com  That will be more about the process of recording and production/mastering as I learn it.  The focus of this site will be more about the music itself.

Since I do a lot of reading in my free-time, (and already have a lot books in my collection), I thought a fun project would be writing a theme or two to go with what the message of the book is, or in some cases, a theme to match a specific musical moment mentioned in the novel.

I may have mention this already in a previous pot, but like I said, I feel like Im starting over from the beginning here. I started this around two years ago, and now it’s time to actually make something of it.

1 down, 99 to go!  🙂


Good Day!!!

Well, the first week has already passed. I learned quite a bit about the software Im using as well as the actual scope of what I am trying to do here. While ideally I would like to be able to come up with five songs a week, three seems a bit more manageable. So far, Ive posted the small tunes I’ve had sitting on my computer for the last few years.  The projects I have planned for the coming posts are a bit more involved. One of my obstacles is getting my keyboard to record properly. The other is recording a viola part when I don’t REALLY play it. This should be interesting.

On the upside, I recently acquired a new microphone! So far I had to make do with one. That requires recording the track twice, once for the lower notes, and a second time to make sure the upper  register on the harp is heard properly. My new mic is a P170 condenser microphone and I am insanely happy. Its made a difference.

Now, new song.  over a DECADE ago, I used to make little doodles on the cards I made for my sister for different occasions. They were cute, they amused me and one character (A Tiny Peach…or Happy Peach…whichever isn’t copyrighted yet. Either way, I’m calling dibs. MINE!)  ended up with an entire backstory. I have no talent for animation but I thought it would be funny to write an intro or theme song for him. This is it. If I ever get ahold of one of those old tiny xylophone toys for children, Im rerecording this.

Song iii

Well, I should start by apologizing.  Yesterday was a lazy day, so to make up for it there will be two song today. One this morning and the other one later tonight.  🙂

As I was getting this post together I realized something. All three songs are in minor. So tonight’s will be in a major key. And I should probably think about trying something other than a 3/4 or 6/8 time signature.

on to the song!  This one was written in the middle of the night before an exam a few years back since I couldn’t get to sleep.


Very First Song

Good Morning!

The very first one.  For this song, Im cheating just a little bit. It’s one that I put together about a year ago, but I do enjoy. Im still figuring everything out with my recording setup and I finally got my laptop up and running again, so it should be a piece of cake from now on. 🙂

This one was done in the middle of music theory class YEARS ago. I remember having a little voice recorder that I tried to use for my piano pieces but it sounded horrible. A few years ago, the music shop down the road from my place was having a huge thankgiving sale and I found the Tascam that I use now. It is a big improvement. Now it’s on harp.

Hopefully I can figure out if and how I can get Soundcloud to play directly on here instead of only posting link. Until then, CLICK THE WORD. Ha. Enjoy.

P.S. Having a hell of a time getting any sort of link to work